About us

WaveFit was born with a commitment to being synonymous of quality, style and functionality. We are a reference in fitness fashion with products that people love in the gyms, yoga and dance studios, as well as in the daily life of contemporary women. In addition, we have the Beachwear, Men and Kids lines, which expand our universe.

We are passionate about fashion, health and well-being. Our purpose is to inspire you to lead a more active, healthy and happy life. WaveFit is a lifestyle! Join us in this movement!

Why WaveFit?

The wave symbolizes the power of nature, its power and ability to change! It symbolizes renewal and new ideas, new behaviors and attitudes.

Fit is simply for our passion for fitness, health and well-being.

This is the purpose of Wavefit! Promote change. We like the movement, the colors and the ability to renew and go further and further, to be stronger and better.

We are always looking for new products and new ways to reach you! That's what motivates us! Do what's best for you.

More than products, a WaveFit lifestyle. Awaken your Wavefit moment and renew as we renew ourselves!